How to Make Your Own Kratom Capsules

DIY Kratom capsules

Whether you’re new to Kratom or a seasoned user, it’s vital to stick to the correct dosage guidelines. The most foolproof and precise way of ensuring a safe and appropriate dosage – which is also the easiest – is by utilizing Kratom capsules.

While you can purchase pre-made Kratom capsules from a trustworthy retailer, it’s typically a more expensive way to buy Kratom and sometimes you won’t find capsules that contain the specific Kratom strain you are looking for.

Making your own Kratom capsules works out cheaper, and you can fill them with the exact amount of Kratom you need to experience the benefits you are looking for. Not only can you pre-measure doses, but you can also fill your capsules with your favorite Kratom strains and even blends of different strains. You can create far more personalized Kratom capsules than you would ever be able to find by shopping for pre-filled capsules through a Kratom retailer.

How Can We Help?

To help you create custom Kratom capsules, we provide a list of the supplies you will need and step-by-step instructions for the process. We will also go over some of the many benefits of taking Kratom capsules rather than powders and extracts!

Why Should You Take Kratom Capsules?

As mentioned, Kratom capsules can offer a variety of advantages over ground Kratom powders. While they are not for everyone, many Kratom users prefer capsules for the following reasons:

Effective and Simple Dose Control

Whether professionally manufactured or homemade, Kratom capsules deliver a specific dose of Kratom. These pre-measured capsules allow you to have a safe and consistent dose every time you take one. While you can certainly measure out Kratom powders, the real advantage of capsules is the fact that you can expect the same volume of Kratom every time you take one.

When you make your own Kratom capsules, you can also ensure that they contain the exact strain or blend you prefer. This means you know you will always enjoy the exact benefits you are looking for.

Convenience and Portability

Kratom capsules are also incredibly convenient. Rather than having to measure out loose powder and mix it with a drink, you can simply pop a capsule or two in your mouth and swallow them with water. Kratom capsules are digestible, so you can swallow them just like you would if you were taking any other type of pill or capsule.

Many people who take Kratom for pain relief, focus, and alertness throughout the day find that the ability to take Kratom capsules on the go is convenient.

Simplicity and Lack of Taste

Unfortunately, some people find Kratom powders have a bitter and unpleasant aftertaste. While they enjoy the many benefits it offers, the actual process of taking Kratom can be unenjoyable. While you can mask the taste by mixing Kratom powder with flavorful juices, smoothies, and hot teas, this is not always a practical option.

Having to consume a flavorful beverage every time you want to enjoy the benefits of Kratom can also lead to excess calorie consumption, which can be a drawback if you are on a strict diet. On the other hand, you can take Kratom capsules with a gulp of plain water, and they have zero taste.

Supplies to Make Your Own Kratom Capsules

capsule filling machine

Before we get into our step-by-step instructions, make sure you have the supplies you need. While there are usually some upfront costs, investing in the right equipment and supplies will ensure that you can easily make your own custom Kratom capsules whenever you want!

Kratom Powder – As you would expect, the first thing you need is your favorite Kratom powder strain. Always choose a Kratom strain you are familiar with whenever filling your DIY capsules.

If you would prefer a blend, you can pre-mix two strains by hand. Simply combine your strains in your preferred ratio and mix them in a clean and dry mixing bowl. You can use a whisk, fork, or any other utensil, but you should avoid blenders and automatic mixers, as they generate heat, which could damage the Kratom and reduce its potency.

A Capsule Filling Machine – Capsule filling machines are available through many retailers, including Amazon and they tend to be affordable. A capsule filling machine is also a one-time expense. Once you have one, you can use it for many years.

A Digital Scale – A scale is important to ensure that each capsule has the same volume of Kratom. You can purchase a digital kitchen scale at any kitchen supply store, as well as through online retailers like Amazon. They are much more affordable than you would expect.

Empty Capsules – Buying empty capsules is affordable, and they are easy to find. Since capsules are available in two basic varieties – either gelatin capsules or vegetarian capsules – choose a type of empty capsule that matches your dietary preferences.

Gelatin capsules are more common and tend to be less expensive, but they use animal proteins and fats, so they might not work with your diet if you are a vegetarian or vegan. On the other hand, veggie capsules are also relatively easy to find, and they use plant-based ingredients, so they work with most diets.

T-Shirt or Old Clothing – Finally, something to keep in mind is that you might spill some Kratom on whatever clothes you are wearing during this process, so don’t wear your favorite top and stick to something without sleeves. Kratom dust stains are annoying.

How to Make Your Own Kratom Capsules – Step-by-Step Guide

Now that you know what you need, you can follow these steps to create your own Kratom capsules:

Step 1. Clean and Sanitize Your Tools and Work Area – This is an incredibly important step that far too many people overlook. Remember, you will ingest these capsules, as well as the Kratom powder within them, so every tool you use must be clean and food-safe.

Wash and dry any scoopers, scrapers, scales, bowls, and trays you will be using. You also need to make sure you thoroughly wash your hands before you get started!

Step 2. Use a Scale to Accurately Weigh Your Kratom – As mentioned many times, dose control is critical, especially when making your Kratom capsules. Make sure you fill the capsules with a dose that fits your unique tolerance level. The last thing you want is for your capsules to contain too much Kratom as it can lead to unpleasant side effects, like nausea, vomiting, and even insomnia.

Step 3. Fill the Empty Capsules in Your Capsule Filling Machine – After separating and inserting the capsule halves into the slots in the base of the machine, begin scooping the powder into the empty capsules. Allow the Kratom to settle within the capsules then scrape off any excess powder. Gently press down on the powder with the given tamping tool to compress it within the capsules, and add more Kratom powder until they are filled properly. Tip any excess powder on the machine into a bowl.

Step 4: Place the Top of the Capsules Machine with the Other Halves of the Empty Capsules onto the Base. With most machines, you will simply join the top of the capsule machine with the bottom of your capsule filling machine. The machine aligns the bottom part of the capsules with the top part. You will need to press down gently and firmly, as this will join the two pieces of the capsule shell and make sure they do come apart prematurely.

Step 5. Eject Your First Batch of Filled Kratom Capsules – Your capsules are now ready, so it is time to eject them. You may want to do this part over a plate or bowl, as any excess Kratom that did not make it into the capsules may fall out of the trays. Once you have completed the first batch of Kratom capsules, you can repeat the process until you have made your desired number of homemade Kratom capsules.

Step 6. Weigh the First Batch of Filled Capsules – Once the capsules are made and ejected, it is important to weigh them individually to ensure a consistent fill and ultimately know the dosage of the capsules. You could even open a capsule and tip the powder out to weigh it, to be precise. Keep this dosage in mind to ultimately know how many of your homemade capsules you need to take for your optimal dose.

If you’d like your capsules to have less powder in them, you can ultimately experiment with filling less powder during step 3 of the process, for your next batch. At step 3, you could even weigh the filled capsules in the machine before you close them, taking into account the weight of the machine and dividing the weight between how many capsules there are.

Final Words

Do not allow yourself to get frustrated if it takes a while to make your own Kratom capsules, as it will take some practice. To start over, pull the capsules apart over a clean bowl. Reuse the Kratom and the capsule shell.

Once you have a batch of Kratom capsules that you are satisfied with, you can store them in an airtight container in a dark and cool location. Some people choose to keep their capsules in a child-proof pill bottle but make sure that container creates an airtight seal.

If you find that creating your own Kratom capsules sounds like too much of a hassle, you can always choose to purchase professionally-made Kratom capsules. Just make sure that they contain a strain that works for you and no fillers.

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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