Yellow Borneo Kratom – Everything You Need to Know First

Yellow Borneo Kratom

Yellow Borneo: a Hidden Gem Well Worth Hunting Down

Kratom comes in many different strains (or veins), each with its own special mix of alkaloids, giving a unique experience when taken.

These strains, such as Yellow Vein Borneo Kratom, are also influenced greatly not just by the strain or vein color it comes from, but by where its grown, harvested, and processed.

In this guide, I offer some real-world feedback on Yellow Borneo, blending in my own personal experiences with this strain along with some history, science, and interesting information about what makes Yellow Borneo Kratom so popular.

From dosing to products, to effects and benefits, we’ll dive into everything you need to know.

What is Yellow Borneo Kratom?

Yellow Borneo is a unique strain of “yellow Kratom”. It’s not the most popular strain due to its limited availability, but it has quickly gained notoriety in the Kratom community and among users looking for something other than the usual ‘red’, ‘white’, and ‘green’ strains. However, the first thing you need to know is that it doesn’t come from ‘yellow vein’ Kratom leaves.

So What is a Yellow Vein Strain of Kratom?

Despite the name, the powder is NOT yellow, so don’t be shocked when you open up the bag and see a yellowish-green to green powder. So why is it called ‘yellow’ then? That has to do with when the leaves used to make the Kratom are harvested.

The veins on the leaves of the Kratom tree turn different colors based on what stage of the growth cycle they are in, with each stage representing an opportunity to make different strains or veins of Kratom. White strains are made from leaves picked early in the growth cycle (White Borneo), green strains are picked when the leaves have reached a mid-point of maturity (Green Borneo) and finally, red vein strains are picked at the end of the growth cycle, when the veins of the leaves have turned red, at peak maturity (Red Borneo).

These different stages of growth correspond to different levels of alkaloids found present at each stage, and ultimately correspond to a strain’s potency, with red strains by far being the most potent.

On the other hand, yellow vein strains do not correspond to a certain stage of growth when the leaves are picked. Instead, Yellows are typically a combination of red and white leaves, or they can made from leaves harvested after the time frame for white Kratom, and either before or after green Kratom (depending on the desired effects). It depends on the Kratom farmer, with some even using a special drying process where they ferment the leaves.

Those familiar with Kratom have likely tried at least one of the primary strains in either red, green, or white veins. For a long time, those veins dominated the market, but as consumers have become more interested in Kratom and its effects, Kratom producers have worked to accommodate different needs and wants, finding a middle ground with yellow vein Kratom.

Yellow Borneo is one such strain that combines several of the key attributes and effects of red, green, and white strains, all in one. It does so without any particular one benefit overpowering the rest, resulting in a unique experience and mellow yet powerful effects.

What Makes Yellow Borneo Strains So Unique?

When it comes to yellow Kratom, the aspect that makes any vein unique is the alkaloid profile and concentration produced by the Kratom tree it comes from.

As far as Borneo Kratom goes, this alkaloid profile is well-balanced, nuanced, and synergistic. Each alkaloid (over 40) works in tangent to produce an ‘entourage effect’ that many Kratom users find attractive.

These effects range from physical to mental, offering a full body and mind sensation that I personally find to meet all of my needs without feeling overpowering.

Sometimes I find that the concentrations of Mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine in other strains leave me feeling too sedated or couch-locked at higher doses, or too energized at lower doses.

Yellow Borneo, on the other hand, gets me right where I want to be and is a great strain for social occasions, doing chores, and more.

Where Does Yellow Borneo Come From?

Grown throughout Southeast Asia, the mystic Mitragyna Speciosa thrives among dense tropical forests, humid climates, and blazing heat. A relative of the coffee plant, this tropical evergreen produces a spectrum of natural plant alkaloids responsible for the effects and benefits of yellow Kratom strains.

In the case of Yellow Borneo, as you may have guessed, these trees are grown on the small island nation of Borneo. Among the majestic landscape are Kratom tree farms, manned by generational farmers using centuries-old organic growing techniques to produce some of the world’s finest Kratom.

Borneo’s unique climate, diverse ecosystem, and nutrient-dense soil are the perfect combination for the Kratom tree. Within just a couple of years of maturation, the trees begin producing alkaloid-dense leaves ripe for harvesting.

How is Yellow Borneo Kratom Made?

Kratom comes from Kratom trees (Mitragyna Speciosa), specifically the leaves of those trees. Kratom farmers grow these plants from seed to sapling with care. It takes about two years before the leaves of the trees can be harvested.

Once they’ve reached a certain level of maturity, during each growth cycle the veins of the tree’s leaves are deposited with alkaloids (namely mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine).

At a very specific time frame for each annual growth cycle, the leaves are inspected and hand-picked by experienced Kratom farmers. For yellow Kratom, the leaves are mixed or picked at an ‘in-between’ stage of maturity, resulting in an alkaloid profile that is different from the usual strains.

After selection, the gathered-up leaves are dried in a cool dark warehouse before being ground into a fine powder (similar to matcha tea in appearance). This powder is Kratom in its most pure and raw form.

Next, the powder is transferred into airtight containers and shipped to various wholesalers and retailers around the world.

Yellow Borneo Kratom Effects: What Does Science Say?

Now that you have the backstory of where Yellow Borneo comes from and how its made, let’s take a look at the Kratom effects.

When it comes to the science, there are some things we know, and some that we don’t. The good news is that there’s over a 1000 years of historical use of Kratom to help fill in the gaps and help us better understand the safety profile and Kratom effects of this amazing botanical.

As far as the science goes, the Western world has not adopted Kratom as a ‘legitimate’ medicinal plant. Because of this, there have not been any human clinical trials on the supplement.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that there are a multitude of studies on the tree itself, its alkaloids, and how those affect mammals (hint: you’re a mammal).

This information, along with tens of millions of user cases worldwide help us figure out a few things about Kratom.

Yellow Borneo Kratom Benefits (Reported by Consumers and Backed by Alkaloid Science)

Improved Energy

Mitragyna Speciosa might be a relative of the coffee plant, but its not caffeine that’s responsible for its energizing effects at lower doses. Studies have shown that its primary alkaloids can interact with opioid receptors as both an agonist and antagonist. At lower doses, this results in a stimulant-like effect that many users find invigorating.

In fact, among the first uses of Kratom were by farmhands in Southeast Asia, giving them the stamina, energy, and motivation to make it through grueling workdays.

Concentration and Focus with Yellow Kratom

Too much Kratom is likely to have an opposite effect, but at smaller doses, the plant’s energizing effects carry through to more than just the body. Some users find that in this range the plant provides an increased level of focus and mental stimulation. I wouldn’t say it makes you smarter by any means, but it can keep you alert.

Better Mood with Kratom Strains

Notice that you have more down days than not? These days a lot of things can wear down on our mood. From financial woes, to trouble with relationships and dead-end jobs, sometimes we just need a little ‘pick me up’ to get through the day.

Alkaloids in Yellow Borneo Kratom have been shown in studies to trigger the release of several neurotransmitters, including the ‘feel good’ neurotransmitter dopamine. Some individuals find that Kratom is a great tool to improve their mood and give them a better outlook on life.

Yellow Kratom Relieves Pain

The two most plentiful alkaloids in Yellow Borneo Kratom (mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine) have been proven to bind to mammalian opioid receptors, offering pain relieving analgesic effects similar to how opiates work.

Relaxation and Significant Stress Relief

Life can be really tough these days. If you feel overworked, you’re not the only one. Approximately 75% of all Americans reportedly experience stress and worry on a regular basis. Kratom comes to the rescue. According to user accounts, some of the most well-known benefits of Kratom are deep relaxation, relaxing, soothing, and stress alleviation.

Yellow Borneo Kratom Dosage

There isn’t a “standard” or “recommended dose” for Yellow Borneo Kratom that is suitable for everyone. Everybody is affected differently by different doses, and different doses have various benefits. Because of this, Kratom is said to have “dose-dependent” effects.

Body chemistry, age, weight, metabolism, and more can all impact how Kratom affects each individual. Because of this, its always a good idea to start with the smallest dose possible, and slowly increase to find the lowest possible dose that helps you achieve your goals.

Energy and Motivation

Are you in need of something to help give you an energy boost? Want to swap out harmful energy drinks or excessive coffee for an all-natural alternative? At lower doses, Yellow Borneo Kratom creates a smooth energy and uplifting effect that is motivational and slightly euphoric.

Many users find that a dose somewhere between 1.5 grams to 3 grams does the trick. Anything higher and you’ll be TOO relaxed to get things done physically (at least in my experience).

Cool, Calm, and Relaxed – Stress Free

Are you in need of something to help keep you stress-free and relaxed? Usually, red vein Kratom is the ‘go-to’ for such a task, but sometimes reds can make people TOO drowsy and relaxed to get anything done. Yellow Borneo offers a nice middle ground, with alkaloids that help you get and stay relaxed without being too overwhelming.

Most users find that a dose somewhere between 4-5 grams does the job without feeling too sedated. Anything over 5 grams and you’ll likely want to chill out with Netflix and take a nap lol.

Yellow Borneo Kratom Products

Once obscure, today there are more than 15 million Kratom users in the US alone, with tens of millions around the world. This spike in popularity has led to an abundance of Kratom strains on store shelves (that’s good news for us).

Yellow Borneo Kratom Powder

Borneo Kratom powder is Kratom’s most natural supplement form. It is the result of grinding up the whole Kratom tree’s leaves and can be used in a wide range of preparations. I personally use yellow Borneo Kratom powder for drinks, like tea, coffee, or mixed in citrus like orange juice, but it works equally well in foods too.

However, you’ll need an accurate digital scale to weigh out Borneo Kratom powder doses. Some consumers find this tedious and inconvenient. Others find that Kratom’s bitter taste is off-putting.

That said, it’s the most affordable and versatile Kratom product sold by vendors, and you can usually find more strains in powder form than in other products.


Pre-measured pills eliminate the need for a scale. They’re a fantastic option for dosing on the go because they’re both practical, convenient, and discrete. They are also a good choice for those who find Kratom’s natural bitterness hard to conceal in food and drink.

But, capsules are not without a few drawbacks. First, they’re more expensive. Second, each cap can only hold so much powder, meaning you’ll probably have to swallow several to get the dose you need.


Sold as a tincture, these small bottles hold concentrated alkaloids suspended in alcohol or oil. Dosed with a small dropper, a little goes a long way.

Where to Buy Yellow Borneo Kratom

Yellow Borneo is not particularly common but it is one of the easier Yellow varieties to find. Just make sure you buy from a reliable vendor. Due to how Yellow Borneo is made, it’s quality and effects can vary between batches of the same vendor, let alone different vendors. The below companies stock Yellow Boreno and are all members of the American Kratom Association, selling pure, lab-tested Kratom powder and products. Don’t settle for anything less.

1. Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals logo

Best Overall

Read reviews


Happy Hippo Herbals is our #1 pick thanks to their potent products, easy shopping experience and wide variety of strains. Their “Snuggie Hippo” product is a great example of Yellow Borneo.

Use coupon code KRATOMIQ for 15% Off!

2. Kraken Kratom


Kraken Kratom is our runner-up thanks to their longevity in the business and commit to safety standards. They offer mid-tier pricing on Yellow Borneo and provide free shipping with no minimums.

3. Left Coast Kratom


Left Coast Kratom is another reliable vendor with some of the cheapest Kratom we’ve found without sacrificing on quality. Good for large orders but you do get what you pay for.

Summary of Yellow Borneo Kratom Strains

Yellow Borneo Kratom is typically made from a combination of red and white vein leaves of the Kratom tree grown in Borneo, making it a ‘hybrid’ strain with synergistic effects of both veins, yet different from a green strain.

As such, this is a  nice change from the ‘usual’ Kratom veins and a perfect middle-of-the-road choice for experiencing something different that Kratom has to offer.

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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