How to Toss n’ Wash Kratom without Puking!

Mug and powder for Kratom toss n wash

The Toss n’ Wash method is the easiest, most painless, and quickest way to take Kratom. It enables rapid consumption, requires very little preparation, and provides the desired effects in the shortest time possible.

What is the Toss n’ Wash Method?

The Toss n’ Wash approach simply entails measuring out your desired dose of raw Kratom powder, putting it in your mouth followed by a big gulp of water, then swilling the mixture around in your mouth before finally swallowing.

You can of course take Kratom in capsule form which will mask any nasty taste completely but it’s a more expensive way to buy Kratom, or you have the hassle of making your own capsules. Plus, it will take longer to feel the effects.

So, if you’re willing to learn how to Toss n’ Wash, it’s a nice skill to have even if you ultimately don’t use it as your default method of consumption.

PLEASE bare in mind: it does get easier with practice. You’ll only need a handful of attempts to get to grips with it but I just thought I’d put this out there so you don’t give up after your first and only try. Give it a few go’s.

I remember the first time I tried to Toss n’ Wash Kratom, the mere smell of the raw powder made me feel a little nauseous. Then the dry, cinnamon-like texture of the powder and the less than pleasant taste almost had me swear to myself not to do it again. But I’m glad I did because, now that I’ve perfected the process, I barely smell or taste the powder and it’s over in like 5 seconds.

The process is simple enough as described above, but I’ll give you some tips from my experience that should come in handy:

My Tips for Easy Toss n’ Washin’

  • Measure out your required Kratom dose into a glass. Rather than take a spoonful directly from your bag of Kratom into your mouth, it will be easier to put it in a glass first. You can be more accurate with your dosage this way rather than estimating how much you’ve got on the spoon.
  • Have water ready. Have a glass of water ready to chase down the Kratom as soon as you put it in your mouth. You don’t want to be searching around for a glass and having to pour yourself some water after you’ve already got a mouthful of dry powder.
  • With your tongue down, gently pour the Kratom into your mouth. The keyword here is gently. You don’t want to chug the powder back quickly like a small glass of juice, because the powder will hit the back of your throat, and that is not nice!
  • Pour the Kratom onto your tongue. I specified to have your tongue down as you’d be surprised how you suddenly start wondering where to place it! I find it best to have the Kratom on top of your tongue as opposed to underneath it (where it would end up if you have your tongue back) as it’s then easier to mix it with the water you later add to your mouth.
  • Break up the powder into more than 1 mouthful. You may also find it easier to spread the dose over a couple of mouthfuls rather than trying to do it all in one go. The less Kratom in your mouth, the easier it is. Toss n’ Washing 2g a couple of times is easier than doing 4g in one go, I find.

It Only Gets Easier

So there you have it! I’ve made a whole article out of what is essentially taking a mouthful of Kratom with some water, swilling it around then knocking it back.

As I say though, it definitely gets better with practice, I promise, so don’t get discouraged if you find it hard at first. And the above tips should hopefully make things a bit easier for you and prevent some simple mistakes. Give it a go!

Was this helpful? Do you Toss n’ Wash Kratom differently? Let me know in the comments below…

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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44 thoughts on “How to Toss n’ Wash Kratom without Puking!”

    • Best way to take the kratom is this:

      – put on a kettle with water and make it boil
      – get your kitchen scale (best would be precision scale)
      – put the desired kratom dose in a tea mug
      – poor boiling water over the powder
      – stir a bit with teaspoon until powder is completely dissolved
      – Now you can drink your kratom mixture
      – you might try to dissolve it in hot chocolate milk to make it taste better but I’ve never tried it.

      It does not dissolve in cold water but it does in hot water. Also it needs to be powder not leaves.

      The taste is still not nice but it is very easy to toss.

      Hope this helps you out.

      • I might add in addition to my method: have a can or glass with coca-cola or chocolate milk next to your kratom drink so you can wash away the taste when the kratom taste is too much.

        • Hi! I’ve been taking Kratom for quite sometime now being that I’ve been put on waiting lists for three different pain management doctors since mine retired…and quite honestly, I’m not even sure I will start taking pain killers again.

          I am by no means an expert on taking Kratom and have had to experiment with several different methods until I found what worked best for me: Toss n Wash. I can, however give advice with what I have experienced, to people who are new to Kratom and what to expect.

          First, so people don’t get the wrong idea or feel they are doing something wrong…it doesn’t matter how cold or how hot you make whatever liquid you decide to use…Kratom does NOT dissolve in anything. It is a plant leaf…keeping that in mind, if you want to put some in a coffee filter, closing it up, and boil it in water like a tea bag, drink the “tea”…that is one method of consumption. I will say, I’ve never tried this, have just read about it…so I can offer no other advice on the subject. Just want those expecting it to dissolve to know that it never will.

          Also, in my experiences…using a soda to toss n wash…major mistake, especially if you are attempting to master the toss n wash method. All the soda will do once it hits the kratom on the inside of your mouth, is start immediately foaming up. Now, trying imagining swollowing this nasty substance and gaseous foam at the same time…like putting a Menthos candy in Diet Coke…that foam and gas has to go somewhere…straight up. I used Dr Pepper only twice, being that is all I had access to…and never again! Puked everywhere, cause it foamed up on me something terrible. I have found that the best drinks to use, on an empty stomach, are Yohoo!’s, Starbuck’s Coffee Drinks, or Monster Coffee Drinks (NOT regular Monsters…they are carbonated and yield same results as sodas).

          Hope this helps and please feel free to always ask questions cause if you don’t ask, you’ll never know. Good day!

          • Yes, you’re right about any carbonated drink—A big mistake. I tried the capsules and still have a lot of them left, but it would take forever to get them all down and sometimes they would stick in the oesophagus, a very, very unpleasant experience that can result in much vomiting.

            Just do as the man suggests, toss and wash with plain water. The taste is terrible, but keep swishing and swallowing (that sounds horribly erotic, but never mind) and the bitter, horrible taste dissipates quickly. If you simply cannot tolerate the powder and must have the capsules, swallow them one at a time with the capsule in the mouth until it softens with water, but does not dissolve. Then swallow down the softened capsule. Kratom does work, it is not as nice as good old opiates with regard to chilling the pain, but it’s a godsend in ameliorating the awful icy fingers of withdrawal that claw at your gut. We’ve all been there and it is not pleasant.

          • I’m the same! I tried carbonated drinks only once or twice. I’ve been taking Kratom almost 12 years now and the best drink for toss and wash is sweet tea! Kratom is basically a green tea. It kills the flavor and the sugar in the tea cancels the bitterness. I used Kratom to kick a pain pill addiction a long time ago. I’ve been given pain pills from doctors since then and I don’t even like how they make me feel. If the Kratom is managing your pain well enough I’d stay away from the pills!

        • I do that all the time… it’s REALLY easy after a few tries… use the really thin scott 1000 per roll… do about a heaping teaspoon… it only takes me 3-5 little “pouches” to do the same as 20 capsules… you’ll never waste money on gel caps again… do it do it do it!!! 🙂

          • OH… and toss your head back when you do it… it makes the ‘road’ open up, so to speak

    • Use juice, or any other sweet FLAT drinks, not water. It makes it much easier. Note- if grapefruit juice is used, cut your dose in half, as it inhibits the enzymes that break down the active alkaloids, making your dose much stronger.

  1. Just did the powder for the first time using your technique. Call me crazy but the taste is easily bearable. I did it rather cleanly but there was a little bit that got left behind on the side of my mouth but it wasn’t nauseating or anything. At worst it’s like leaving a fast dissolving pill in your mouth a little too long. I did a half teaspoon at a time which is about 3 grams each time. Used half n half ice tea and lemonade worked like a charm!

    • Thanks for your feedback Brad. Maybe you are crazy! 😉

      That’s great you don’t find it nauseating. I think it will vary by person as to how they find the taste and also different strains of Kratom can taste worse than others. You definitely get used to it though.

      I can tell you having that dry powder hit the back of your throat ain’t fun!

    • Hi David, you can indeed ingest Kratom orally from any vendor.

      All legitimate Kratom vendors will include a disclaimer saying that their product is not for consumption. This is just to cover themselves legally as Kratom isn’t approved for consumption by the FDA. You can read more about this here.

    • Yes, it is quite safe to take orally. Their remarks about kratom not being for oral ingestion are explained elsewhere in this little primer. They are basically stated that way because kratom is not FDA approved for human consumption. Some venders also sell it as an ingredient for soap making but I don’t know too many people who make their own soaps.

  2. Hello, I just recently got on the Kratom wagon, and it’s been an absolute game changer for me (using primarily to deal with Opiate withdrawals) and although your site/articles tend to be very informative… there has been something I’ve been wondering regarding the Toss’n’Wash method.

    Since the very first Kratom dose, I’ve always just placed the desired amount of Kratom in a glass, add water and simply used a spoon to mix thoroughly and then drink it. I honestly see it being much more preferable then taking it the “real” Toss’n’Wash way. So is there anything wrong with doing it my way?

    I know, it sounds like a trivial/silly question but just the mere fact that it’s never been mentioned in any “How to Take Kratom” article I’ve read just makes me feel like something’s wrong. It’s always Toss’n’Wash (Spoon+Powder+Mouth+Water) and then making Kratom tea (boiling). It just seems odd that I haven’t seen it brought up, and I would like to know if I’m taking my high-end Kratom in the most efficient manner possible.

    • Hi Matthew, thanks a lot for your comment.

      You’re fine. If you can take Kratom by simply mixing it with water like that, more power to you. Most people can’t, that’s all!

      I find it doesn’t mix well myself and using the above method gets the process over with quicker, but I guess it’s personal preference.

      Keep doing what you do if it’s working for you, and all the best with your journey.

  3. What kind of kratom do u use? Brand, type, where do u buy? I use capsules and I keep having to increase my dosage, it’s getting very pricey. Not to mention the unbearable constipation. I need a break after reading your posts, thank you!

    But plz, I would like to know what kind you use? Thanks!

    • Hello Heidi,

      Read this post for the vendor I use.

      Yes, it would be wise to take a break. When you start using again, you may be able to get away with a smaller dose with Kratom from that vendor, which can obviously help reduce constipation. But also be prepared to make some other tweaks (re: the advice in this article).

  4. I mix my Kratom in a blender with PRUNE JUICE. That takes care of the constipation issue, plus it goes down smooth, I mean really tasty.

  5. I have a better method. Place a teaspoon or 2 of kratom into a shot glass. Knock it back, and chase it with flat room temperature 7up. This method has worked really well for me for years!

  6. Okay, after reading the article I have to say that this exact method of Toss and Wash is NOT the best way to go about it. There is a MUCH easier way that involves only 1 additonal step.

    Instead of simply pouring the powder into your (dry) mouth and THEN adding water/juice/whatever liquid you prefer:

    1. Take a good sized sip of water (or whatever your liquid of choice is).
    2. Tilt your head back so that you can open your mouth without the water/liquid spilling out.
    3. NOW pour the kratom into your mouth carefully and slowly such that the liquid “catches” the kratom and you don’t end up with a bunch of cinnamon-like powder in direct contact with your tongue and/or mucous membranes.
    4. Swish the powder around until it is a uniform “solution”.
    5. NOW swallow the liquid/kratom mixture.
    6. Take another few swigs of water/juice, etc. and swish it around, making sure none of the powder gets caked onto the roof of your mouth or what not and swallow that again.
    7. If you don’t take your entire dose in one go, that is fine. Simply repeat the process.

    ** Adding the liquid to your mouth BEFORE the kratom is key. You’ll find the Toss n Wash method to be MUCH easier and far less “disgusting”. **

    So, the only difference in my method compared to the method described in this post is to make sure you have a good amount of water or juice or what have you in your mouth BEFORE pouring the powder into your mouth. If you pour kratom powder into a dry mouth you risk inhaling it accidentally (which could potentially cause respiratory problems — inhaling kratom is NOT good for you) and it is also disgusting. It will get caked onto your mucous membrane and/or tongue, back of throat, etc.

    TL:DR: Take a good sip of your liquid of choice (I personally have no trouble at ALL using plain tap water) BEFORE tilting your head back and pouring the kratom into your mouth. Next, swish it around as if it were mouthwash and swallow when the “solution” is uniform. This takes about 3-5 seconds. Follow it up with drinking more fluids and swishing around to make sure none of the powder is left in your mouth. This is MUCH easier to stomach and is barely uncomfortable at all.

    • Thanks for the detailed response for what is essentially just adding one step 😉 hehe

      Personally, I specifically don’t like putting some liquid in my mouth before the Kratom. I’ve tried it like that many times and just found it preferable to put the Kratom in first.

      I appreciate some people might prefer the way you described though, so it’s worth experimenting, for sure. Thanks for your comment Bråin.

      • 12 ounces of orange juice mixed with your dose not only makes the taste bearable but the acids in it break down the alkaloids if you let it it sit for five to ten minutes hope this helps

  7. I have been taking Kratom for quite some time. I had a few bad times using toss n’ wash. Sometimes the powder stays as powder and can choke.

    I find the absolute BEST method ever found is this: Find a small bottle, I mean the size of a large prescription bottle. Fill it with water and maybe some powdered chocolate. Then fill the rest with your Kratom. It should be half and half. Cap it off, shake vigorously and it will turn into a watery sludge, kind of a thick soup.

    Yes, it’s slightly unpleasant but it goes down fast and I have never looked back. This is my go to method. Relatively speaking, it’s no worse than any other forms I have encountered. Plus you can “pre make” a bottle to take with you for “on the run” use… just shake and down it…

    • The only method I found to hide the horrible taste (and texture) :
      half kratom, half raw cacao, one sugar, milk (put the milk in 2 steps to facilitate mixing).
      It even tastes good.

      • I prefer to just put my dose in a bottle of chocolate milk (I drink about half of the milk first, to make good room to shake) then shake away. The chocolate really does help mask the taste.

        • I agree, this is probably the most pleasant method I’ve tried so far but as a regular pain patient, it’s usually faster and more convenient to just dump it in a bottle of water. Chocolate milk definitely tastes a lot better.

  8. I make it into a tea with my coffee maker… 10g kratom… 4 cups water. Run the water through 3x… gives me a whole day supply… add lemon juice and sugar to the cup and you’re set! P.S. use Maeng Da and your lips will get numb like you’re licking a bag of H.

  9. I like to add a couple tablespoons to a few oz apple juice and shake or stir to dissolve, then CHUG! Goes down just fine. I LOVE KRATOM! PLEASE HELP KEEP IT LEGAL!!

  10. Took me a few tries, but: I’ve found that it’s good/vital to make sure your mouth is really wet first. Take a good drink of water just before placing the powder on your tongue. That powder is going to want to stick to your tongue. I use a spoon and carefully dump it toward the back of my tongue; carefully but quickly. Immediately after the spoon leaves your mouth, take a humongous drink of water, then maybe another right after that. If you did it right, there will be an aftertaste much like you just took a sip of fairly strong unsweetened iced tea. Not bad at all.

  11. The most bearable way for me is to dissolve it in boiling water, add a tsp of brown sugar, toss it back and chase it with raspberry juice… it’s actually not that bad. 🙂

      • I just used a big tablespoon full of it in 10 oz of boiling water with a big tablespoon of honey. Mix, mix, mix and then started swallowing as fast I could. I followed with a glass of juice.

        It worked well so far.

  12. I find pouring your preferred dosage into a 16oz bottle of orange juice and shaking thoroughly, then drinking the entire contents while the powder is still suspended to be the best method. Tastes good, and the orange juice seems to enhance the effects as opposed to just water.

  13. Yeah I’ve had that stuff hit the back of my throat and I couldn’t talk for a couple of hours. It felt like someone kicked tiny pieces of glass or sand down my throat. I’d just do a little at a time. Kool Aid works pretty well for toss and wash but water is the best and easiest for me so far. I take zubsolv and I’ve been out for a few days. This Kratom is pretty amazing! Got to say, I was skeptical but no more. Shits still nasty though. Ugh

  14. Hey everyone! I’m not sure if anyone reads this but I wanted to add my two cents. I started taking Kratom about a year ago. I currently have 28 strains on hand from pretty much every region and vein. I go for fast for focus at work which is either a Malaysian White or a Thai Red. When I get home, I like to calm down with a nice slow strain and just chill. I have chronic fatigue and pain so the fast strains really help with the fatigue and I like a Red Borneo for pain. As I am a daily Kratom user, I need to “bounce around” a lot to keep my tolerance low and efficacy high.

    For me, the toss and wash was an utter disaster. Kratom is bitter! Not quite as bad as chewing on an aspirin but close. The powder coated my mouth and the taste LINGERED for hours. So nasty. I then tried the hot water method. Using a cleaned out Talenti’s Gelato pint container: I turn on my hot tap and let it run until it is super hot. I add about 6 to 8oz to the powder and use a battery powered milk foamer from Amazon to mix it up. I will use a fork to scrap the bits I can see stuck to the bottom edges of the container. I would chug it. Still nasty but it went down easier. There had to be a better way! I bought some “0” sized capsules but there were a ton and I felt like I was losing more powder than what it was worth. Finally I realized, I like sweet light coffee, so why not sweet light Kratom.

    I’m not going to say it is delicious but…it’s a huge improvement. I prefer to use a full fat dairy cream, be it half and half, cream or even heavy cream because the milk fats bind to the bitter parts of the powder. A little sugar or honey and I’m set. There is still the bitter after flavor that can linger but this really works for me.

  15. My wife recently started making tea with Kratom in the morning and I’ve considered trying it myself. Interesting idea to pour the powder in your mouth directly without dissolving it in water first. I may end up getting it in capsules to see if that works well.

  16. Well here’s my 2 cents worth of input that works really well for me. I put my dosage in a small cup and add hot 1/4 cup of hot water. if your dosage is more than one teaspoon you might want to use a little more hot water. I stir that up good. It dissolves pretty well. After it’s mixed well I add the kratom & water to about 2/3 cup of organic apple juice or organic orange juice. It’s so easy to drink down. ❤️


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