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If you’re new to Kratom (also known as Mitragyna Speciosa) or this website, then this Quick Start Guide is ideal to help you understand all the necessary information.

This will show you the most important articles on this site in an easy to follow, step-by-step fashion. By the end you’ll have a good idea of what Kratom is, the effects it can produce, how to take it and where to buy it. These are all equally important factors that need to be addressed.

Even if you’re not completely new to Kratom itself, it might be helpful to read through my guide to ensure we’re on the same page, before moving onto more advanced stuff. Hey, you might learn a thing or two. 🙂

Let’s Begin

It’s really a four part guide, with each post following on from the next quite nicely.

Part 1: Kratom 101

Read this article for an introduction to what Kratom actually is and where it comes from. I also explain the different “types” of Kratom and how it can be classified by its “speed”. I then touch on how to take it and the importance of finding your “sweet spot”. More on that below though.

Part 2: How to Take and Dose Kratom

Here I go into further detail on the different ways you can take Kratom, how to determine the right dosage amount for you, and even provide a Beginner’s Dosage Guide to help you get started. Unfortunately Kratom isn’t a drug you can just take a certain amount of and expect a certain result. It requires a little bit of preparation, so learn how to do it right if you want to avoid disappointment.

Part 3: Potential Kratom Effects

Kratom isn’t really a recreational drug to get “high” off of; it’s so much better! Here I give you a good idea of what Kratom actually feels like and the potential effects it can produce. I also give some realistic expectations you should have and share my personal experiences and uses for this compound.

Part 4: Where to Buy Kratom

With the knowledge gathered from the first three posts, you should have a good foundation to try Kratom and will hopefully be excited to actually get some! Read this article to discover my recommended source for high quality Kratom and the reasons why I buy from this vendor. This is quite important as not all Kratom is created equal.

Further Reading

The previous four posts will get you up to speed in no time! In a matter of minutes you’ll be more informed than most people starting out and will be in a much better position to get the most out of Kratom and avoid any bad experiences. You’ll likely also find that many of your beginner questions have been answered.

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Kratom Lingo

There’s some fancy words that get thrown about within the Kratom community which people use to avoid explicitly saying they “take” Kratom. I don’t tend to use much of this vocabulary on this site but I do from time to time and it’s worth knowing, so give this a read.

How to Make Kratom Tea

One popular way of taking Kratom, as mentioned in the guide above, is to make it into a tea. It’s very simple to make but there are some things to keep in mind, and there are different recipes to enhance the flavor which is quite bitter. Learn how to make Kratom tea.

How to Stop Kratom-Induced Constipation

Some people may experience constipation from Kratom. This will only really happen with regular Kratom use and taking large amounts, but aside from taking a break and using less, there are a few things you can do to help this issue.

A List of Kratom Potentiators

For when you’re more comfortable with Kratom and start getting a little curious. There are some things you can do to enhance your experiences, making the effects more pronounced and often longer lasting. There’s always debates in the Kratom community over what works and what doesn’t but this is a comprehensive list of things that actually give results, some of which you won’t see mentioned elsewhere.

Finding Kratom Locally

After learning about this interesting substance, many people specifically ask “where can I find Kratom near me?“, hoping they can just pop to their local herb shop and pick it up. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, at least not if you want high quality Kratom products. Read this guide to learn about the type of brands and shops you should avoid, and where to look instead.

There You Have it!

Hopefully this Quick Start Guide is of use and helps make things more organized for you. Beyond these posts I try to provide other tips, insights, reviews and my personal experiences with Kratom that will help you get the most of this incredible plant. If you ever have any questions, concerns or need clarification on something, please leave a comment anywhere on this site and I’ll see to it as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting and happy reading!

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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  3. Great, easy to read, well laid out quick start guide. Excellent foundation for those new to Kratom! I know for newbies to Kratom getting started can be daunting so good work on putting together this guide 🙂

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