Talking Sh*t: Dealing with Kratom Induced Constipation

Have you experienced constipation as a result of using Kratom? This seems to be a prevalent issue (or side effect) for many Kratom users.

I have some thoughts on the matter including some wonderful anecdotes, as well as some useful tips and advice for dealing with Kratom induced constipation, so I thought I’d devote a whole post to the topic. 🙂

From reading around and talking with other users, it seems the effects of Kratom on ones bowel movements differs from person to person, much like the positive effects can. For some, Kratom causes constipation while for others it’s quite the opposite! And everything in between. I guess that’s no surprise.

My Experience (Yes, a Little Graphic in Detail)

I’m not a daily burner for the most part so I obviously ingest less Kratom than someone who is but I’ve certainly noticed some effects in this department. Here are my observations:

  • I often find that within 20 minutes or so after taking my first Kratom dose of the day, I will have a fairly strong urge to take a dump. (I typically take Kratom in the morning on an empty stomach, so I will have already done my business first thing in the morning.) If I haven’t taken Kratom, I won’t have this urge for an extra bathroom visit at this time so it’s definitely down to the Kratom.
  • Following on from above, if I take action on the urge and go to the toilet, I will do a small one and I’ll be feeling fine :-). If, however, I resist this urge and hold on, I find that the urge will disappear but I will be more likely to be a bit constipated later in the day. So it’s like my body is giving me one chance to go and if I don’t take it right away, it’s holding on for the rest of the day!
  • I find that I’m more likely to experience constipation when I’ve taken Kratom for multiple days in a row.
  • I feel that my diet and fluid intake for the day also impacts how likely I am to get constipated when taking Kratom. See my tips below.

I should point out that I’ve never experienced chronic constipation for days on end from Kratom because I’ve always taken a break when I feel I need it.

When I do get constipated, it will usually subside later in the day or by the next day partly because that’s just how it effects me (so it might be different for you) but I also find it can be avoided or kept to a minimum if I take a few precautions:

Tips For Dealing with Constipation Caused by Kratom

  • If you’re like me and have a strong urge to go to the toilet shortly after your first Kratom dose of the day, act on it rather than holding on. As mentioned above, if I do this, I’m usually fine. Bear this in mind if you’re someone that takes their first dose then leaves the house right away or generally find yourself resisting this urge.
  • Eat “complete” meals. Rather than differentiating between “good” and “bad” foods I would simply suggest opting for “balanced” meals in terms of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Real food over processed will always be better of course, nutritionally.
  • Fibre is important but you don’t actually want too much as it will actually contribute to constipation. I would advise against taking a fibre supplement and instead focus on whole food.
  • Keep well hydrated. Taking in enough fluid would also be another suggestion. The Kratom will dehydrate you so drinking adequate water is essential for avoiding other negative symptoms (headaches etc.) as well as constipation.
  • Take a lower dose. Experiment with lowering your Kratom dose and seeing how you get on, even if it’s just temporarily. The higher the quality of Kratom you use, the less you will need so bear that in mind as well. With the Kratom source I recommend, I can get away with a pretty low dose whilst still experiencing optimum results, so this undoubtedly has a positive impact on avoiding constipation as there’s less Kratom in my system.
  • The above advice, though simple, should see you right so if your constipation persists, I would next recommend you simply take a break from Kratom. It’s obviously what your body needs. Don’t be one of these people that just wants to continue as they are and simply wants a pill or supplement to fix the issue – take a damn break.
  • That said, one supplement that may be worthwhile taking is Magnesium citrate. Magnesium is linked with the reduction of constipation and some users in the Kratom community find it to be of great help as a last resort. It can also potentiate the Kratom and reduce tolerance so it’s definitely worth exploring.
  • I would only recommend laxatives and stool softeners as a true last resort in extreme situations. You don’t want to make a habit of using them and the prior tips should be addressed first.

I Hope This Helps

I think Kratom induced constipation can range from an easily avoidable mild inconvenience to a serious problem. You will no doubt experience it at some point but so long as you still pass daily and without pain, it shouldn’t be a major concern. If it does become more prevalent, hopefully the above tips help and above all, be prepared to take a break from Kratom.

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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19 thoughts on “Talking Sh*t: Dealing with Kratom Induced Constipation”

  1. Thank you so much for this information! I was freaking out because I already have constipation issues but this time was different. But everything you said is exactly what I did and am now doing and it’s already helping! Thank you again!!!

    • I had constipation from standard pain medications. Am just starting a kratom program so no idea yet but I do know that in order to correct constipation from any source, take magnesium citrate. I find best results with the powder form which I have with my daily vitamin regiment. They (Dr.s) will give you meds that will have the opposite result, stool softeners aren’t that great. Magnesium citrate is the best most natural treatment. I am not affiliated with them but I find the best prices at vitacost dot com. With magnesium you also need D3, K2 and Calcium for bones.

  2. While taking opiates, I have experienced pretty severe constipation. On top of drinking loads of H20 & eating high fiber foods, I also drink a small mug of Traditional Medicinals Smooth Moves Tea. Senna is the laxative, but you should only need to take a small amount. It’s worked best taken at bedtime.

  3. Do you ever have mucous substance when you wipe? I notice the water look slightly gelatinous, but my poo looks rather normal (for constipated poo) but a lot of times when I wipe there’s a slimey mucousy substance in my asshole. I’ve tried to research it, but haven’t seen anything related. I know it’s from kratom, because I’ve taken breaks and it only shows up when I drink kratom. I also drink a lot of it. ~12 g maybe 3-4 times a day..give or take.

    • That’s residue from the capsules you must be using to take your Kratom. Using the vegan capsules reduces that but it’s pretty harmless.

  4. This is the first article I have ever seen regarding the issue of Kratom induced constipation. I have seen many discussing the other end of the spectrum. I experience constipation from Kratom use so I praise this article for taking on the topic.

  5. I am experiencing some constipation. I am not trying to come off as if I’m complaining… Prior to taking kratom I had diarrhoea for 38 days straight. Worst part is I didn’t lose a pound! The first week was truly heaven yesterday and today I was very bloated. So I am glad to read that this is common and how to prevent it. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Just a few helpful things on the topic that the article didn’t mention.

    1: Magnesium will definitely help with chronic constipation, just BEWARE of taking too high a dosage of daily magnesium as that can cause severe prolonged diarrhea–IF you take too much for your specific weight and body chemistry. Trial and error with the dosage amount, or consultation with a doctor, may be needed, since prolonged diarrhea can result in quite dangerous sustained and hard-to-combat dehydration.

    NOTE. To chronic MIGRAINE SUFFERERS: a daily magnesium supplement can greatly reduce the occurrence of migraine episodes in some people–the doctors at The Montefiore Headache Center put me on a regimented, very effective dosage of over-the-counter daily magnesium (on which I experience no diarrhea); so check with a neurologist for your specific dosage requirement.

    2: I discovered–the hard way–two very successful ways to combat mild to severe to dangerous, occasional or chronic, constipation. That came about due to my prolonged pain-management opioids use, which were Rxed to me by my severe-back-pain management doctors, who blithely neglected ever to mention to me that opioid-induced constipation, as well as ER-visit-necessitating bowel impaction, are very common side effects of prolonged opioid use. Without any warning signs, I ended up in the ER with an impacted bowel–it was the most intense pain I’ve ever endured–worse than a migraine. After that I immediately quit the morphine and other opioids (and those doctors), and eventually found Kratom. I also immediately began researching home remedies for constipation. Here is what I found that absolutely works for me; I hope that you encounter the same success:

    A) This method always works–in a MAXIMUM OF 30 MINUTES–for my, currently very rare, constipation problems. (Other people I’ve told about this method concur that it is very effective for them as well; you, of course, may experience a varying degree of success.):

    1. Measure out exactly 8 ounces (that equals one cup) of WARM water (tap, bottled–it doesn’t matter).

    2. Into the WARM water squeeze and stir in the juice of one half of a lemon (try 3/4 of a lemon the next time if half wasn’t effective to your liking).

    3. Drink it down while the water is still warm (I find it to be disgustingly sour and therefore usually need at least 3-5 staggered gulps to get it down). IT WORKS! The acidity and enzymes in the lemon juice, plus the warm water, as I said above, can create results within 30 minutes.*

    IN FACT–NEITHER two home-kit enemas NOR the finger manipulations of the ER doctors (sorry to be so graphic!) could relieve my extremely impacted bowel when I was in the ER. It was ONLY when the idiot ER doctors finally had me drink an Orangina-sized bottle of very fizzy (carbonated) and highly acidic lemon-flavored drink that the impaction was completely and easily relieved–in a matter of minutes no less!

    *Of course, those people who experience intestinal or other problems when ingesting highly acidic substances should use caution, common sense, and perhaps a doctor’s advice before using this method.

    B) Ingest 1-2 tablespoons of whole ground flaxseed–it’s high in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids; and 1-3 tablespoons of chia seed gel (you can google the recipe to turn chia seeds into chia seed gel)–it supports a healthy digestive tract, being high in calcium, fiber, iron, and omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). AND, as both flaxseed and chia seed gel have absolutely no taste, you can easily put them in smoothies, or mix them into soups, salads, cereal, yogurt, chili, stew, pasta sauce, etc.

    NOTE FOR WEIGHT LOSS: Consuming 1-3 tablespoons of chia seed gel daily MAY also help SOME people lose weight, as it decreases appetite in the right dosage.

    I hope that this information is helpful to some people. Thank you for reading.

    • That fizzy lemon-flavored drink was almost certainly Magnesium Citrate. While I don’t doubt that the lemon juice with hot water works for you, mag citrate in a carbonated, bottled form will work for everyone. Quickly. Faster than most can handle. Think, “COLON BLOW” haha!

      • Hi Nathan
        Yes, it is. I have some in front of me, leftover from when I was trying it to combat anxiety before using Kratom.
        It’s called (natural vitality’s) “CALM” (in caps) anti-stress drink mix, & it’s calcium citrate. I had bought it in Wal-Mart, lower shelves, & I think it cost around $10. It works great for the small occasions of constipation that can come with regular Kratom use, as well as helping keep the Kratom aroma longer.

  7. You have helped me so much with my many kratom newbie questions and concerns! I appreciate that you’ve taken the time to be so thorough and informative.

  8. This has been a serious problem for me, perhaps because of age + taking k on a regular basis (the most effective anti depressant I’ve had). Too much fiber may lead to constipation for many folks, but when I combine a tablespoon of (orange flavored) Citrucel (w/ less than a teaspoon of k powder) + if necessary, a small measure of powdered laxative—I have no problem.

  9. I keep hearing about this so called kratom constipation. It does the exact opposite for me. Loose stool and near immediately, within 5 minutes, of a dose. Is it not supposed to do that?

  10. I found that a mix of probiotics and magnesium fixed this problem completely. Plus, good gut health is also a good thing. Just wanted to pass this along because I had kratom induced constipation for about 6 months and tried every way (other than taking a break) to solve it. I ran across a thread where someone mentioned probiotics, and figured I should try it. I’m now a daily healthy pooper 🙂

  11. I wouldn’t suggest CITRATE. I manufacture magnesium that is designed to avoid the issue of many magnesium causing the trips to the bathroom, so I am a bit of an expert. For constipation I would suggest taking magnesium OXIDE in order to loosen stools. Citrate is actually a bit better at NOT causing the s**ts, while oxide is infamous for being s*** crazy.


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