Microdosing Kratom – Is it Possible?

Microdosed Kratom

You might be familiar with the idea of “microdosing”. Essentially, it involves consuming a small portion of what is typically considered the standard recreational dose of a particular substance or drug.

Depending on the substance being used, these smaller doses can allow you to experience an extremely light version of the effects and potential side effects you would typically associate with the ingestion of that particular substance. This trend of microdosing various substances is becoming extremely popular, especially with creative types and those that have busy schedules.

Since you do not experience the full effects of the substance when you microdose it, you can still go about your normal day while benefiting from a mild but unobtrusive version of the substance’s effects.

To help you understand the ins and outs of microdosing Kratom we are going to go over everything you need to know about this growing trend. We will explain whether or not microdosing Kratom is worthwhile and what you can expect when you do so. From there, we will even explain how you would go about microdosing Kratom in the first place.

What Does it Mean to Microdose Kratom?

In most cases, microdosing a substance means taking roughly 1/10th to 1/20th of a standard dose. Doing so potentially offers reduced and far more subtle versions of the effects you would normally experience after ingesting that particular substance.

Whether you are discussing Kratom, or a more illicit and powerful psychedelic drug like LCD or psilocybin mushrooms, a microdose almost always involves taking about 1/10th of what would be considered a normal-sized dose for your body type, tolerance level, and level of experience with the substance.

In this sense, microdosing is not just about taking a smaller dose than you normally would. Instead, it is about taking the minimal effective dose. Ideally, you would want to barely notice you were under the influence of a particular substance, but still be able to experience a mild version of the benefits typically associated with the ingestion of that substance.

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What is the Point of Microdosing?

While individuals will always have their own motives for microdosing a particular substance, most of the time, the motives will fall within one of the following three categories:

Maintaining a Greater Sense of Control Over the Effects

For many people, microdosing allows them to have a much more manageable experience. Since the effects of the substance are mild, the individual tends to feel as if they are in more control. Maintaining a greater sense of control is a major reason behind the growing microdosing trend, both for Kratom and for other substances.

In many cases, microdosing allows the individual to regulate the cognitive benefits of the substance they are ingesting without feeling like the substance has altered their mind or body in a way that they feel they are not in control of.

Man controlling thoughts

Repeated microdosing throughout the day, rather than taking one full dose of Kratom, can potentially also give individuals the ability to extend the desired effects of the Kratom over a longer period of time without having to worry about the peaks and fades that can occur when you take a larger dose. Again, avoiding one large peak in favor of milder, but continuous effects, can be another way of controlling your Kratom experience.

Microdosing to Introduce the Body to a New Substance

Some people will also microdose substances because it gives their body the opportunity to get used to that particular drug or supplement in a far less intimidating manner.

If, for example, you were curious about the benefits of a substance like Kratom but you were a little bit nervous about trying a full dose right away, you could choose to microdose a small amount of Kratom and see how it affects you. Once ready, a person could begin slowly increasing the amount of Kratom they ingest until they had moved from microdoses to full-sized doses. (This is actually how we recommend find your optimal dose to begin with.)

Since the unique biochemistry of each individual will play a role in how their particular mind and body reacts to Kratom ingestion, taking a microdose of Kratom will allow them to figure out how the substance interacts with them personally.

Microdosing to Experience Different Effects Than a Full Dose

Given that the effects of Kratom ingestion are extremely dose-dependent, meaning that the amount you take will result in different effects, it is no surprise that many people choose to take smaller doses so they can experience particular effects.

In the case of Kratom, some will even choose to microdose the substance in order to feel some of the milder, physical benefits without having to deal with the mental effects associated with higher-volume Kratom doses.

With Kratom, a little can actually go a long way. Even before the microdosing trend caught on, many Kratom enthusiasts would take reduced doses to experience some of the milder effects, like boosts to physical energy and creative drive. In fact, where Kratom grows naturally, physical laborers and farmers have a long-standing history of chewing small volumes of Kratom leaves for the energy boost it can offer. In many ways, chewing small portions of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree’s leaves and stems can be seen as an unsophisticated version of microdosing.

What Effects Should You Expect if You Microdose Kratom?

As you would expect, the effects you will experience when you properly microdose Kratom will be very subtle. In some cases, you might be unsure if you can even feel those effects at all.

Given that Kratom is a somewhat new substance in the Western World, there have been relatively few research studies performed regarding the effects of various dose sizes. Where other substances, such as LCD, have multiple peer-reviewed studies regarding the impact and benefits of microdosing, the same cannot be said for Kratom.

Unfortunately, this means most of the information about microdosing Kratom comes from anecdotal sources. However, most people that microdose Kratom tend to agree that the smaller doses tend to result in mildly energizing and stimulating sensations. Where larger doses tend to have more of a relaxing and sedative effect on the human body and mind, microdoses are far less potent and tend to leave the person feeling more awake and alert.

This partially explains why microdosing is favored by people when they have busy schedules ahead of them, while full-sized doses are often ingested when someone is looking to unwind.

When to Microdose Kratom

Man taking pill

Since most Kratom users find that microdosing Kratom gives them a subtle but uplifting sensation that can sometimes help with increasing focus and energy, it tends to be treated by many people almost like a cup of coffee.

If you are looking to experience some of the benefits Kratom has to offer but you want to remain productive and alert, microdosing Kratom could be the right option for you.

Again, it is important to remember that microdosing Kratom tends to produce extremely subtle effects. If you try microdosing Kratom but feel as if it did nothing for you, it might be worth slightly adjusting the amount you ingest until you find the sweet spot where you can experience the benefits without it impacting your ability to stay active and focused.

How Do You Microdose Kratom?

As explained above, microdosing Kratom, or any other substance, is not just about taking a smaller dose than you normally would. Instead, you are making sure you are taking an intentionally small amount of the substance so that its effects are barely noticeable.

Again, microdosing typically involves taking a dose of Kratom that is roughly 1/10th to 1/20th what your standard dose would be. When first starting out with microdosing, measure out 1/20th of your typical Kratom dose and take it how you normally would, meaning as raw powder, as a Kratom capsule, or any other way you prefer. Tea can work too.

Go about your day as you normally would and be conscious of how your body reacts to the Kratom. The first time you microdose Kratom, you should only do so once in the day. This will allow you to accurately gauge the effects of this incredibly small dose of Kratom. If the effects are unnoticeable, you can try a little bit more the next day and move closer to 1/10th of your regular dose.

Invest in a Scale

If you are dealing with dried Kratom powder, a kitchen scale will make microdosing much easier. Having the ability to make exact measurements will give you a greater level of control when it comes to microdosing. Since microdosing involves dealing with much smaller volumes of Kratom than you are probably used to, it can be difficult to accurately measure just by eyeballing it.

For most people, a microdose of Kratom will weigh in at somewhere between 0.1 to 0.25 grams of Kratom powder. As you can imagine, using a scale makes the measurement process much easier.

Multiple Kratom Microdoses in a Single Day

Once you have discovered the ideal amount of Kratom required to provide the desired microdose effects, you can even begin taking multiple microdoses in a single day. As mentioned above, this can be a convenient and easy way to extend the effects of Kratom over a longer period of time.

The Problem With Microdosing Kratom

Whilst it is up you, the reader, to experiment with microdosing and there are many anecdotes of Kratom users seeing success with this approach, we will leave you with this:

Kratom is dose-dependent, meaning the more you take, the more pronounced the effects can be. For a long time, users have understood that taking low to moderate doses of Kratom, as opposed to large doses, can achieve more stimulating mental and physical affects as opposed sedating and soporific effects… this is nothing new.

The thing to consider is that Kratom also arguably has a minimum effective dose, meaning if you don’t take enough then you just won’t feel anything. In our Kratom dosage guidelines, we encourage you to find your “sweet spot” and explain how to do so by starting out small and gradually increasing your dose. The whole point of this is that you can find the minimum amount of Kratom you need to take to feel effects. This can often become the only amount you need for your average dose. Taking any less than this, for example 1/10th or 1/2oth the amount as a “microdose”, likely won’t be felt at all. In which case, is microdosing Kratom even worth it?

Final Words

While it is not for everyone, microdosing Kratom may be a unique way to benefit from the effects of the substance. Whether you are microdosing or you prefer to take full-sized doses of Kratom, always take the time to do your research, properly measure your doses, and find reputable vendors that only sell high-quality Kratom to begin with.

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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