Happy Hippo Herbals Review – Still Worth the Hype?

Whether you’re a newcomer to Kratom seeking your first supplier, or an experienced user with a dedicated provider, the exploration for fresh sources of this remarkable compound is likely a constant endeavor. If you’re currently perusing this text, it’s apparent that you’ve stumbled upon one such Kratom vendor – Happy Hippo Herbals.

So, what’s the deal? Maybe you stumbled across them yourself or saw them recommended on a forum and want an outside opinion on them.

Well, that’s what I’m going to do. Located in Boise, Idaho, Happy Hippo is a relatively young company so I’ve noticed it doesn’t get much exposure as of yet in the online Kratom community, so hopefully you find my thoughts helpful. I’ve tried a number of Kratom vendors over the years and have a number of experiences with Happy Hippo, so I think I’m in a pretty good position to make an honest review of the company.

Happy Hippo Review Summary

Happy Hippo Herbals logo

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Happy Hippo has become a household name within the Kratom industry not just for their high quality Kratom but also their commitment to lab testing and other safety measures.

With a much broader range of strains when compared to other vendors, they are an ideal source for regular Kratom users, and their potent products make for a good introduction to Kratom for new users.


Potent Kratom even at low doses
Widest range of strains of any vendor
American Kratom Association member
GMP certified facility with in-house lab testing
Additional 3rd party lab testing


Slightly more expensive than some vendors
Free shipping requires a minimum spend of $200

My Happy Hippo Herbals Review

Let’s get to it, shall we? I guess the best way to review Happy Hippo is to consider what the most important qualities of a Kratom vendor are, specifically: quality of the product, quality of service, price, ease of making an order and the selection of strains available.

Happy Hippo Product Review

So, How Good is Happy Hippo Kratom?

The most important factor when considering a Kratom vendor is obviously the quality of the Kratom powder itself! I don’t care how cheap it is, how fancy the website is or how good the company says it it, the proof is in the pudding! There’s a World of difference between good and bad Kratom.

I’d tried Kratom from a number of different suppliers over the years (some good, some bad) and decided to give Happy Hippo a try in 2013. And at first, it sucked. For my first few burns, I always got a slight “heady” or drowsy feeling synonymous with using too much even though I was “only” burning about 5g. “What the hell?”, I thought at the time, “5g is a pretty low dose and I feel like this? This is crap!”

Even for good vendors I’d used in the past, 5g was a pretty low starting point. After giving it some thought and reflecting on the initial few experiences, however, I indeed identified the effects I was getting as signs of a slight overdose.

A little skeptical, I tried Hippo again, this time with a very low dose burn of around 2g (as per my Kratom dosing guide) and worked my way up from there. The difference was enormous! I was surprised that even at around 2g – 3g I would feel the slightest positive effects. That small a dose with other vendors I’d used just wasn’t even worth considering; it would be pointless.

I worked my way up to find my sweet spot at around 3.5g – 4g and that’s when the Happy Hippo really started showing me some love. Now we’re talking! Happy Hippo Kratom is pretty damn potent and even to this day, 3.5g – 4g is all I really need of most strains, if burned on an empty stomach.

I consistently get high quality aromas from Happy Hippo with half the amount of Kratom I would require from other suppliers. And compared to straight up low quality Kratom (the type you find in headshops) frankly, there is no comparison. This is real Kratom.

Aside from clearly having a very good source, I would say Happy Hippo’s Kratom is most definitely very fresh. They probably have a high enough turnover of the product to always have fresh batches in stock and this makes a World of difference.

So as far as product quality is concerned, Happy Hippo Herbals gets a big thumbs up from me. In my personal experience, it’s the best Kratom I’ve tried; potent at a low dose and seemingly very fresh.

So the Kratom itself is good, but what about everything else?

What is Their Service Like?

Another important factor when buying anything online is obviously the help and support on offer, should you need it. In my experience, Happy Hippo Herbal’s customer service is top notch. Before making my first purchase, I sent in a couple of emails enquiring about delivery and my questions were answered fast and in a friendly manner.

What’s more, I always get a free sample or two of other Kratom strains in with my order. I’m not kidding! If you’ve read other Happy Hippo Herbals reviews, you’ll see this is a recurring theme.

As yet, I can’t fault Happy Hippo on service. Emails have always been answered promptly, care is clearly taken with each order and you always get a little bit more than you paid for :).

Happy Hippo Kratom Looks Expensive! Why?

Now, let’s talk about price. Happy Hippo is actually a little more pricey than alternatives both online and offline. Not drastically and not always but you can certainly find Kratom elsewhere for less money.

For me, this is almost irrelevant. If you compare Hippo Kratom to other vendors, in most cases you’re not actually making a fair comparison. You’re not comparing apples to apples. Happy Hippo Kratom is so much better that it’s on another level.

Besides, when you consider the fact you will require a smaller dose in comparison to other brands, I’m pretty sure the price of Happy Hippo works out equal, if not cheaper! You require less so what you have lasts longer.

Additionally, you can currently get a huge 20% discount off your order if you pay using Bitcoin. This is legit so I would absolutely encourage you to take advantage because it probably won’t last forever. Here’s how to pay with Bitcoin at Happy Hippo, even if you’ve never used Bitcoin before.

Unfortunately, you do also have to pay for shipping but this isn’t too uncommon. Orders are despatched very quickly via Fedex Express or UPS Next Day so delivery time is typically also very fast.

Is it Easy to Buy From Happy Hippo Herbals?

I think another good criteria to judge a supplier on is the ease of making an order and the overall user experience when it comes to purchasing on their website. Some stores are just a pain to use and with Kratom essentially being a drug, sometimes the ordering process isn’t always straight forward. Despite being legal, vendors of these types of products often find it hard to get payment processors and can’t use the likes of Paypal.

Thankfully, Happy Hippo Herbals does have the ability to accept credit cards like a regular online store, though there might be a fee with this option (the payment provider they use changes regularly).

They do also offer payment by Bitcoin or Ethereum, as mentioned above, so that is another option for you.

Do They Offer Many Kratom Strains?

As you should know, there are many different types of Kratom with different potential effects. Different strains are great for different purposes so you’ll want to have a good selection to choose from. What’s more, if you are or intend to be a daily burner, you want to rotate strains everyday and ideally have a week between burning the same strain to avoid a tolerance. So that’s at least 7 strains required!

You’ll be pleased to know that Happy Hippo Herbals have a great variety of slow, moderate and fast Kratom strains so they’ve got you covered. At the time of writing this, there are about 15 options in their inventory so you’re guaranteed to find a good variety that work for you.

Here’s a table to show you which category each strain belongs to:

Top-Shelf Green BaliSuper Green IndoGreen Maeng Da
Golden BaliSuper Green MalayWhite Vein Maeng Da
Red Dragon BaliSuper Red BorneoRed Maeng Da
Super Red MalayWhite Vein BorneoRed Vein Thai
White Hulu KratomWhite Bali KratomGreen Vein Thai
Red Hulu KratomDiamond Malay
White Horned KratomYellow Viet Kratom
Supreme Dark HornedRuby Red Thai
Red Horn KratomWhite Thai Kratom
Yellow SumatraGold Maeng Da
Red Sumatra
Yellow Sunda

Pro & Cons

Hopefully up until this point, I’ve given you a good overview on what I think you would agree are the most important factors when looking to buy Kratom online. Here’s a summary of my Happy Hippo Herbals review:

The Positives

  • Without doubt Happy Hippo Herbals offers the highest quality Kratom I have tried as of yet. If I find a better alternative, I’ll let you know.
  • You will require less compared to other Kratom sources. This stuff is fresh!
  • Excellent customer support. My communication with Happy Hippo has always been fast, friendly and helpful.
  • They always over deliver. They always provide free samples to try!
  • The buying process is easy. Their website is simple enough to use and you can pay by credit card like a regular store or even Bitcoin for a 20% discount.
  • They offer an excellent variety of Kratom strains in all categories: slow, moderate and fast. Whether you’re a daily or infrequent burner, there are as many strains as you will need.

The Negatives

  • Price is seemingly quite high. As I explain above, this is actually a non-issue considering it’s hard to compare Happy Hippo Kratom directly with other vendors (it’s that much better) and it certainly beats the quality generally found in Head Shops. A little goes a long way.
  • No free shipping as standard. There is typically a charge for shipping, but orders are are despatched promptly via Fedex Express 2-Day or UPS Next Day within the United States so they do get to you quickly.

In Summary

As you can see, it’s pretty hard to fault Happy Hippo Herbals and believe me, I’ve tried. At the end of the day, I’m only interested in getting the highest quality Kratom possible and hopefully via an easy and pleasant transaction. The day any of this changes with Happy Hippo is the day I look elsewhere but as it stands, this is currently the best place to buy Kratom online in my opinion and a vendor I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Agree? Disagree? Have any questions or concerns about Happy Hippo? Let me know in the comments below…

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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5 thoughts on “Happy Hippo Herbals Review – Still Worth the Hype?”

  1. They do look a bit pricey, but I think I can swing it. I will give them a try and let you know how I like it! Love the review. Very thorough.

  2. Yeah, Happy Hippo rocks. Outstanding product, outstanding customer service, prompt delivery. What more do you need? Very happy with Happy Hippo.

  3. I’ve used them multiple times and everything you say here is true. They really are the best. They are also very pricey. You get what you pay for I suppose. I’ve tried many different (cheaper) sites and I always come back to Happy Hippo. You’ll never go wrong with them and you’ll always be satisfied. And who doesn’t like a free sample?!

  4. Everything in this review is spot on. And another thing is they always have sales on every Monday so you can easily rotate your strains which helps with not growing a tolerance. After two years of using HH I still only need the 2 teaspoons to work. In those two years I also tried others and while not bad, they simply did not compare to HH and I did have to use more of the others which made the price point moot.

  5. Had an “UNHAPPY HIPPO” experience. Have ordered different strains a few times from HH and they were good. This LAST time I ordered 8oz of HH Atomic and it was extremely weak. I wrote them and gave feedback and haven’t opened the other 4oz atomic. I may literally toss it; it’s that “UNGOOD”.


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