Green Sumatra Kratom – Effects, Dosage and Best Products

Green Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra Kratom: An Exotic Kratom Strain with a Lot to Offer

I’m back with another round of Kratom reviews, diving deep into a unique Kratom strain that’s gaining significant attention within the community.

For me, Kratom has been one of the biggest game-changers for my mood, pain, stress, and social ability. But its also been a key driver in helping me stay in a motivated, energized, and good mood throughout the busy workdays.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a lot going on in life: work, daily chores, social life, relationships, etc. It all adds up and there never seems like enough time in the day to get things done. As you can imagine, this leads to a lot of stress and anxiety.

I can only speak to my personal experience, but Green Sumatra Kratom has really helped out with the ‘day to day’ grind, and when available, it’s one that I like to keep in semi-steady rotation.

Reds are great for after-work relaxation or help with sleep, and whites are fantastic for an AM ‘pick me up’ and high energy.

But green vein Kratom is on a different level. Green Sumatra Kratom is one of the most versatile veins, providing a synergistic effect between the plant’s naturally occurring alkaloids and offering an uplifting yet relaxingly euphoric feel that makes it stand out among the sea of other options.

Personally, I love Green Sumatra Kratom for artistic pursuits and hobbies, socializing at parties or with friends, zoning in on work, improving my mood for the day, and more.

In this review, I detail my own experience with Green Sumatra Kratom, as well as offer some insight on dosing, what to expect, effects, best types of products, and more.

So strap up and let’s dive in…

What is Green Vein Sumatra Kratom?

Green Vein Sumatra Kratom is a green vein Kratom strain or ‘vein’ of Kratom that is known for its balanced effects. Green Sumatra Kratom has a unique alkaloid profile that isn’t overwhelmingly stimulatory nor overly sedating. This makes Green Sumatra Kratom a favorite for work, creative activities, chores, social outings, and more.

What is Green Vein Kratom?

Green Vein Kratom Strains: what’s the deal?

Green Vein Kratom strains offer the energizing and stimulating effects of ‘white’ strains, combined with the calming, euphoric, and relaxing effects of ‘red’ strains.

Green Kratom is made from leaves picked towards the middle of the growth cycle, when the ‘veins’ of the Kratom leaf have turned a darker green. This indicates a powerful balance of naturally occurring alkaloids such as 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine, along with a host of other ‘minor’ alkaloids that produce a broad range of sought-after effects.

Where Does Green Sumatra Kratom Come From?

Kratom strains are usually named for the region it comes from, and the type of ‘vein’ it is (i.e. red, white, yellow, or green).

In this case, as you likely figured out already, Green Sumatra Kratom is cultivated on the island of Sumatra, among lush tropical jungles. Sumatra island is situated in western Indonesia, and is one of the Sunda Islands, making it the largest in the Indonesian territory.

Known for its diverse wildlife, rugged terrain, tropical flora, and breathtaking volcanoes, Sumatra offers an ideal environment for the Mitragyna Speciosa tree to grow. The Mitragyna Speciosa is an evergreen tree native to Southeast Asia, and a member of the same family as the coffee plant. It is from this tree that all Kratom is made.

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How is Green Sumatra Kratom Made?

Green Vein Sumatra Cultivation

Green Sumatra Kratom begins its journey as a budding sapling. Trees are carefully planted and cultivated using traditional time-honored growing techniques mastered across centuries of generational Kratom farmers. Sumatra’s unique climate, soil, flora, and other environmental factors are ideal for Kratom trees to thrive, resulting in a highly unique alkaloid profile enjoyed by consumers around the world.


Perhaps the most important part of the process, and one that requires both skill and science, harvesting of Kratom leaves is done several times throughout the year depending on the desired ‘vein’ needed. In the case of this Kratom strain, Mitragyna Speciosa leaves are hand-selected and picked just after the initial growth cycle begins, once the veins on the underside of the leaves have gone from light or bright green to a darker green color. This color change indicates a change in the alkaloid profile and concentration.


After leaves have been picked, they are gathered and laid out in a room where temperature and light can be controlled to minimize moisture, reduce oxidation, and optimize drying.

Once completely dry, the leaves are ground into a fine greenish powder that resembles matcha. This raw powder is vacuum-sealed and stored in airtight containers ready to be shipped to Kratom vendors around the world.

Green Sumatra Kratom Review

My Experience with Green Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra Kratom Powder

As a regular user of Kratom, it takes a lot to impress me. Some may even call me a Kratom connoisseur of sorts.  I’ve tried quite a few strains from a variety of brands, vendors, and farmers from around the world.

But my experience with Green Sumatra Kratom is one that I simply had to put out there in the world. I hope this gives you some insight into whether or not this vein/strain might be right for you.

Green Sumatra Kratom Benefits

Green Sumatra Kratom, like all Kratom, doesn’t have a ‘standard’ dose clinically proven to be effective. Because of this, you’ll likely need to do a bit of experimentation to achieve desired results.

I can’t tell you what dose will be right for YOU, but I can share my experience with various doses and how it affected me. Your results may vary, with factors such as age, metabolism, brand of Kratom, how you take it (with or without food, etc.) and more can all affect how Kratom will make you feel.

That said, Green Sumatra Kratom is a great strain for new and seasoned Kratom users alike, providing a ton of benefits in a well-balanced strain.

When taking this strain, I vary my dosing depending on the results I want. For example, if I’m going for an energy boost and need to focus on work or chores, I’ll go for 1-3 grams. If I’m looking to use it for a social occasion, or for creative hobbies, I might opt for 3-5 grams. And lastly, if I need to chill out and relax on the couch with Netflix or need some help drifting off to sleep in a calm and euphoric state, 5-6 grams typically does the trick.

Green Sumatra Kratom Dosage

Green Sumatra Kratom Dose-Dependent Effects

Similar to other Kratom strains is that this strain’s effects are ALWAYS dose-dependent. That means you can alter HOW it feels and effects you based on the amount you take.

See How to Dose Kratom for a complete guide but below is a quick and easy way to remember…

For Energy and Focus: 1-3 grams usually hits the mark, offering an energizing and stimulating feel, along with improved focus.

For Stress Relief and Social Occasions: Need to relax and unwind but still be sociable? How about a relaxed and creative mood? I find that between 3-4 grams is the sweet spot for a nice blend of mood enhancement, creativity, reduced stress, and mild euphoria.

For Relaxation or Sleep: Considered a higher dose, 5-6 grams is often the range where people experience a deep, euphoric, relaxed state where stress melts away and sedation sets in.

Typical Green Sumatra Kratom Effects

Now that you’ve heard about MY experiences with Green Sumatra, let’s take a broader look at the overall benefits reported by millions of consumers around the world.

Green Sumatra Kratom Benefits (reported by consumers)

Consumers describe Green Sumatra Kratom benefits as:

  • Mood enhancing
  • Uplifting
  • Euphoric
  • Pain-relieving
  • Energizing (lower doses)
  • Sedative (higher doses)
  • Soothing
  • Stress-relieving
  • Appetite suppressing
  • And more…

Energy and Motivation

Green Sumatra is one of my favorites for an uplifting and motivating burst of energy that isn’t too overwhelming. I’m fairly sensitive to stimulants and coffee gives me the jitters and a crash. But this strain hits the mark with a smooth energy and increased motivation and mood that helps me get through tough days.

Mood and Positive Outlook

Speaking of mood, if you’re feeling down, Sumatra might be just what you need. This strain’s alkaloids have been shown to interact with your body’s natural opioid receptors, producing a bit of euphoria and releasing neurotransmitters that improve mood and help you feel better about the day ahead.

Stress and Relaxation

Everyone I know is stressed these days. Fact is, life is hard man. It really is. Work, responsibilities, kids, relationships, taxes, rising prices, etc… the list goes on. For me, Green Sumatra Kratom has been a godsend, helping to manage my stress, keep me in a good mood (mostly lol), and helping improve quality of life.


This strain isn’t usually my ‘go-to’ for sedation, but as with any type of Kratom, higher doses definitely results in a soothing, euphoric, and deeply relaxed state. Sometimes I’ll dose for this result if I want to be super chill but not sleepy. Great for late-night Netflix sessions.

Pain Relief

At high or moderate doses, many users experience a significant reduction in pain or better pain management. This is largely due to Kratom’s alkaloids interacting with opioid receptors, and if I do say so myself, it works quite well.

Green Sumatra Kratom Products

Given Green Sumatra’s popularity, many sellers and vendors have expanded product lines to include a range of options for consumers. Although all types of Kratom products have their place, you may find one is better than the others based on your personal preferences.

Green Sumatra Kratom Powder

Kratom powder is one of the most readily available ways to purchase and use Kratom. It’s also versatile and affordable. Kratom powder can be used in drinks or food, with juices, teas, and smoothies ranking up there as the most popular modes of consumption.

That said, Kratom powder is naturally bitter. I don’t mind the flavor THAT much, and honestly after using it a while you kind of get used to it. Some people find it hard to swallow though, and if you’d prefer a flavorless option, read on below.

Green Sumatra Kratom Capsules

Capsules are reliable, pre-measured doses of your favorite strain, in a discrete capsule that can be taken with you anywhere. Those on the go a lot, or who need to dose when away at work, often find capsules to be useful and convenient. They’re also flavorless.

The downside is that Kratom capsules are more expensive, and to get the right dose you may need to swallow a bunch of pills. After all, you can only fit so much powder in each one.

Green Sumatra Kratom Extracts

Extracts are a type of concentrate, meaning these are potent solutions of isolated alkaloids. Some find these extracts (usually sold as tinctures) to be more convenient. You can use a pre-measured dropper to add extract to food, drinks, or even placed under your tongue for sublingual (faster) absorption and effects.

Summary of Green Sumatra Kratom

A perfectly balanced, powerful Kratom strain offering many benefits. I hope you found my guide and review helpful. When I first came upon this strain I was as impressed as I am today with it. I hope you will be too.

Written by Daniel Recardo

Founder of Kratom IQ; a self-improvement junkie and Kratom enthusiast. I started this website in 2015 to help people avoid the common pitfalls and mistakes with Mitragyna Speciosa, and ultimately get the most out of this amazing plant. Learn More...

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