Affiliate Disclosure

How Does This Website Make Money?

In order for this site to support itself, has an affiliate relationship with some products and companies recommended on this site. At no cost to you, we may receive a small commission when you make a purchase after visiting a vendor via clicking on our referral links.

This is how this website affords to pay for itself, so thank you for your understanding.

This arrangement has no impact on which companies we endorse; all reviews aim to be objective and unbiased. This can be seen in some of our reviews where we clearly have not-so-positive comments to say about some brands. It should be said that this website could earn a lot more money if we positively endorsed every vendor that approaches us, but we understand how that would undermine Kratom IQ’s reputation in the long term.

No, vendors cannot pay up front to be reviewed or recommended on this website; it is up to our discretion. Where we do have affiliate partnerships with companies endorsed on this site as explained above, it is because we reached out to them.

“Are You the Same Company as Happy Hippo Herbals?”

This is a question we sometimes receive since this site does heavily endorse Happy Hippo Herbals, and the answer is no.

It just so happens that since 2015, Happy Hippo has been the preferred vendor of our reviewers and, in the case of many of our strain reviews, the product in question that the writer was reviewing was specifically that of Happy Hippo’s.

This site has an affiliate partnership with Happy Hippo Herbals, as outlined above, as well as other vendors. We are not the same company, but they no doubt appreciate our endorsement.

Hopefully you appreciate this transparency. We choose not to display traditional banner advertisements on this website since they are annoying for our visitors and instead choose this method of monetization since we get paid for something that we are happy to recommend anyway. It’s win-win.