The Truth About the American Kratom Association

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If you have purchased Kratom in the past, you may have noticed that certain brands proudly proclaim membership in the American Kratom Association or AKA. If you are unsure what this means, you have come to the right place!

Who is the American Kratom Association?

The American Kratom Association was established in 2014, and was founded to protect the rights of Americans to use Kratom for medicinal and recreational purposes. Today, the AKA is a passionate group of Kratom advocates. They work throughout the country to educate the public about the many benefits of Kratom, create legal protection for those that consume Kratom, and fight against organizations that seek to criminalize and spread misinformation about Kratom.

Given the amount of misinformation that is out there regarding Kratom and Kratom users, it is important to have a recognized advocacy group that can stand up for them. Not only do they represent the Kratom community, but they also provide the general public and lawmakers with information and clarification regarding Kratom.

What is the American Kratom Association’s Mission?

While the AKA’s main goal is always to protect the public’s ability to use Kratom for health and well-being purposes, the organization’s mission has five primary goals:

  1. Support Consumers – They ensure that the needs of Kratom consumers are protected against uneducated and malicious political and private entities that seek to ban and criminalize Kratom.
  2. Educate – They educate the general public and lawmakers about the many benefits of Kratom.
  3. Amplify – They represent many thousands of American Kratom consumers and help amplify their stories so they are not ignored by regulators and authorities.
  4. Global Awareness – They demonstrate responsible use and practical knowledge when other countries are in the process of debating Kratom legislation.
  5. Protection of Natural Resources – They support the sustainable harvesting of Kratom and advocate for reforestation and environmental preservation in regions where Kratom is grown.

While the five goals that comprise the AKA’s mission are certainly admirable and worthwhile pursuits, the organization also acts in other ways.

The AKA’s Efforts Towards Developing Industry Standards

AKA GMP Program

The AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Standards Program ensures the safety and integrity of Kratom and Kratom products. This gives consumers confidence that they are buying a natural product that meets the standards set out by the top Kratom advocacy group.

The GMP Standards Program established manufacturing, testing, packaging, labeling, storage, distribution, marketing, and verification requirements for Kratom and Kratom products.

Kratom companies that participate in the program are required to test a sample from every batch of Kratom they put to market. They also must agree to an independent third-party audit of their manufacturing facility and supply chain.

To retain AKA GMP certification, each manufacturer or retailer must renew their membership annually and pass an annual independent audit.

Benefits of the AKA GMP Standards Program

Since there is no unified government organization to ensure Kratom’s quality and safety, the AKA’s program is the best protection Kratom users have at their disposal.

Attaining and retaining AKA GMP certification is not a simple task. If a retailer or manufacturer has this certification, consumers know they can trust the company to sell safe Kratom products that are held to the highest standard.

AKA’s Kratom Consumer Protection Act Efforts

Another area where the AKA protects Kratom consumers is their push towards legal standardization. Through public awareness campaigns, meetings with legislators, and various other outreach efforts, the AKA has helped push forward the Kratom Consumer Protection Act.

This outreach is the best hope the Kratom industry and Kratom consumers have of legal protection. It would also allow for scientific research studies on Kratom and its effects on the human body and mind.

It is a major step in the right direction, and the American Kratom Association is leading the charge!

What Do We Think of the American Kratom Association?

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Without hesitation, we can say that the American Kratom Association is a positive force. They are a legitimate group made up of passionate Kratom enthusiasts and advocates.

No other group in the United States has done as much for Kratom consumers and the Kratom industry. Not only do they advocate for Kratom consumers and push for legal protection for them and the industry as a whole, their efforts to educate the general public are both admirable and important.

The GMP Standards Program has also become an incredibly valuable resource for Kratom consumers. It has driven the industry towards higher quality standards, greater transparency, and safety.

The AKA continues to make massive contributions to the Kratom industry, and Kratom consumers and retailers all owe them their gratitude.

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Written by Daniel Recardo

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