The Definition of “Kratom IQ”

/ˈKray-tom I.Q/

1. A phrase used to describe a person’s self knowledge of how Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa) affects them personally.

“The more you use Kratom, the better your Kratom IQ becomes”

“Oh, so you took too much and threw up; consider it an increase in your Kratom IQ!”

Welcome to KratomIQ.com

I’m Daniel Recardo, a Kratom enthusiast. I kind of made up the above definition but the term “Kratom IQ” is legitimately a phrase I see used quite a bit to describe someones personal experience with Kratom and their awareness of how the plant particularly effects them. The more you use this compound, the better your “Kratom IQ” becomes, so to say.

I created this website as a resource for all things Mitragyna Speciosa and particularly as a guide to help you get the most out of this plant, as quickly and efficiently as possible. I want to improve your learning curve with Kratom and help you harness it’s power for you, thus saving you much trial and error and making possible costly and unpleasant mistakes.

Read this website before embarking on Kratom (and certainly before passing judgement on it) and you could say you will have a higher “Kratom IQ” starting out.

So that’s what this website name and premise is all about. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Please take a look around and learn more about this fascinating plant; it could just be the best thing you ever come across.

And if you like what you read (or not!) or have any questions whatsoever, feel free to leave a comment. I read them all and respond accordingly!